"There's an instructor in all of us" 

Customer Testimonials

Karla was very energetic and well organized.  I really enjoyed the training!

- Amber


I really enjoyed Karla's way of practical testing having each of us teach a short segment.  We get to see different styles and more cuing.

- Sarah


Karla made the Barre Certification fun and very interactive!  She is knowledgeable and energetic!

- Karen

I Loved Karla's structure of the Barre course.  I hope she continues to spread her knowledge!

- Amy

Utilizing various backgrounds such as dance, yoga, and Pilates to build and vary classes was well demonstrated.  Karla shares her knowledge very generously.

- Pamela

Karla was very sensitive to participants styles and helped each of us adapt to Barre.

- Rebecca

Karla was very passionate and professional about the training and material.  Great Training!!

- Madison

The Barre Training was awesome! It gave us great information & demos!!

- Jeanne

Very excellent course!  Content well organized, thoroughly planned and executed.  I appreciated the approachable and casual attitude of the training.  Karla is an expert and passionate.  This is clearly reflected in her program.  I look forward to participating in future programs Karla has to offer! 
- Andrea

Karla is passionate about her fitness and is professional in sharing valuable information with others.  I am so happy to have freestyle programming brought back in the industry!

- Crystal

This was the best workshop I've ever attended.  It challenged me as an instructor and empowered me to be better.  I feel fortunate to have gained knowledge from such an experienced and passionate presenter.  I would highly recommend to anyone!  Thank You!
- Elizabeth

Our Instructor had great information.  I appreciated the emphasis on form and I feel actually way more prepared than I had expected!

- Sara

Really enjoyed the whole training, the different aspects of the Barre exercise, and how to combine exercises from ballet, yoga, and Pilates.

- Taija

I loved reassessing what I've learned and what I teach in my classes, but mostly I loved learning things that will help me improve.  I've gained a lot this course!

- Kiera

Loved this course with Karla.  I've been to numerous workshops in my career including SilverSneakers, Zumba, & various NETA workshops.  Karla's was informative, & professional - well worth the investment of time & resources.

- Tammy

I learned a great deal & got a great workout!  Barre is amazing & I love the FreeStyle concept - RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

- Tara

Beneficial to do & see practicals!  Pics in book helpful!  Positive energy, safe environment!  Thank you!

- Beth