"There's an instructor in all of us" 

FreeStyle Fitness  Group Fitness Certification

Become a Certified FreeStyle Group Fitness Instructor 

Many options given from attending a one day Certification workshop and exam to a Home Study Course or the Full 12 week Practical and Exam program.  You decide!

FreeStyle Barre Training is a 2 day Certification that shows a variety of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga exercises. 
CEC's:   16 NETA

FreeStyle Mat Pilates Certification

This two day specialty certification will introduce the fundamental principles of Pilates, teaches you how to apply them through 70 different exercises. In addition to the fundamental principles of core stabilization and posture alignment as they apply to basic Pilates mat work, you’ll also learn effective ways of cuing, correcting form and applying modifications.  

CEC's:  16 NETA

FreeStyle Kickboxing Workshop

The FreeStyle Kickboxing program.  Here the student learns different kicking and punching techniques with emphasis on proper execution of each exercise.

CEC's:  8 NETA

FreeStyle Aqua Stability Training YOGA & HIIT

The FreeStyle Aqua Stability Training (FAST) programs are one day trainings that covers the necessary skills for teaching pool HIIT or YOGA on paddleboards, or pool HIIT or YOGA with inflatable fitness mat style boards.

CEC's: 8 NETA (pending)