"There's an instructor in all of us" 

Hridaya Akasha Yoga Workshops

Hridaya Akasha Yoga is a division of FreeStyle Fitness Academy that provides several Yoga Workshops that last from 2 to 5 hrs long.  A list of the different types of workshops offered below. 



                                                   Backbends                                                                             Soothe the Sciatica with Yoga 

                                                   Chaturanga                                                                           Trikonasa (Triangle) Pose

                                                   Extensions                                                                            Twists

                                                   Forward Bends                                                                     Yin Yoga                                                               

                                                   Hip Opening                                                                          

                                                   Intro to Chakras                                                                    Yoga for Depression 

                                                   Lateral Bends                                                                        Yoga for Scoliosis                       

                                                   Planning & Sequencing your Yoga Class workshop           Wrist Pain Preventing & Healing          

                                                   Release the Psoas                                                                    


Backbends Workshop
Backbends are an integral part of a sound yoga practice – whether we like it or not. For many of us, heart-opening backbends are daunting and anxiety-producing, leaving us with lingering feelings of self-doubt, apprehension and even panic, as they say, the pose you like the least is the one you should probably be doing the most.  Get an empowering perspective of your practice through backbends.

  • 5 steps to safer backbends
  • Mental and emotional aspects of Backbends
  • a full backbend yoga practice

Chaturanga Workshop

Have you ever wondered if you are doing Chaturanga correctly? One pose we breath right through, that's rarely ever explored......until now!

-Do you dip down past your elbows?

-Do you jump into Plank rather than into Chaturanga through your Vinyasa?

Chaturanga is a pose we do over and over again in out Vinyasa & Ashtanga Practices, and wouldn't you like to know if you 're doing it in a way that could create injury? If you are misaligned in this practice it has the potential to lead to a repetitive stress injury down the road. The workshop will begin with a brief explanation about the muscles of the shoulders and upper body, then into a practice of movement, seeing bodies and utilizing partner work to explore the wonderful benefits of Chaturanga.

Extensions Workshop
When you go to bed every night, you are slightly shorter then you were when you woke up. Gravity causes our spines to become incrementally shorter. Axial extension poses reverse this process by elongating the spine, while integrating the spinal curves and facilitating better posture and alignment in general. They also help create more space in the joints (shoulders and hips).   Get an empowering perspective of your practice through Extensions.

  • Learn setup, key actions, & modifications for extension yoga poses
  • Mental and emotional aspects of Extension poses
  • a full extension yoga practice

Forward Bends Workshop

Forward bends bring extension to the spine and remove fatigue caused by other asanas and are considered “cooling” asanas.   They also help to increase flexibility in the back of the body, relax the mind, soften the muscles and prepare the nervous system for meditation and rest.  In this workshop we will work on standing forward bends, sitting poses and forward extension in sitting poses.

  • Learn setup, key actions, & modifications for forward bend yoga poses
  • Mental and emotional aspects of forward bend poses
  • a full forward bend yoga practice

Hip Opening Yoga Workshop

If your week mostly consists of sitting at a desk then this is THE workshop for you.

Your body is an amazing machine which is designed to be active and moving. It generally doesn't cope well with the amount of sitting we do.

Sitting results in consistent compression of the hip flexors - the muscles that join your abdomen to your legs. Over time this results in a shortening of the hip flexors which adjusts the position or tilt of the pelvis. This in turn upsets the muscles and structures both above and below the hips. Hence why knee problems and lower back pain are often connected to tension in the hips.

Running and cycling can also result in tight hips due to the repeated use of the hip flexors to lift the leg to propel you forward.

The body also holds emotions in tense muscles and the deep muscles of the hips are often the centre of many stuck and suppressed emotions. By releasing the muscular tension, old stuck emotions can also be freed.

Hip Opener Workshop Content

Over this 4-hour workshop you will delve into hip opening poses, learn what the benefits of doing them are, and how to perform them safely.

You will gain a greater understanding of the anatomy of your hips and will use standing, seated and supine postures to increase your range of motion in all directions. We will work on stabilizing the hips and lower spine, and conditioning and releasing the muscles around these joints, resulting in a new freedom of movement.

The Hip Opener workshop will include a yoga practice to prepare the body for the deeper hip opening poses.

You will learn healthy alignment in your body in a fun and playful way, and will leave having released your hips and feeling empowered to continue the opening in your regular practice.

Intro to Chakras Workshop

What are the chakras, how do they affect us?  Chakras are the subtle energy centers in our bodies that can be activated and balanced for more harmony and health. This workshop will introduce you to the seven primary chakras in your body and how each chakra is connected with our physical, mental, and psychological functioning and our understanding of who we are. You will also learn asana and pranayama practices to unlock, strengthen, and balance the energy at each chakra, as well as how to do a short meditation.   Join Karla as you discover these seven centers of energy and consciousness located along the central axis of the body.  

You will learn:

  • Which chakra is the best place to begin working with the physical body and to initiate spiritual practice;
  • How to gain a greater sense of security and stability through yoga practice focused on the root chakra at the base of the spine 
  • Which chakra is considered the seat of our identity and emotions, and which is the seat of the mind 
  • Two pranayama practices that enhance the energy of the higher chakras and prepare the mind for meditation, which leads you to the highest chakra
  • We will be closing the workshop with a relaxing Meditation. 

Lateral Bends Workshop
“The craziness of modern life often means we take on an aggressive, plow-through-it-all mentality—a linear model of pushing through and getting it done. This mentality can take over our practice too.  How often do we push ourselves to attain a deeper backbend or forward bend? “In learning to open and move our side body, we can change that habit a little.  Instead of moving straight on, we breathe into our sides to create space for subtle yet powerful transformation.   In this lateral bends workshop learn to open up your side body so that you can breathe easy. 

  • Learn setup, key actions, & modifications for lateral yoga poses
  • Mental and emotional aspects of lateral poses
  • a full lateral bend yoga practice

Planning & Sequencing Your Yoga Class

This course provides helpful hints and guidelines to plan and teach a well balanced flow class — or to assist you in creating your own personal flow practice! It will arm you with the knowledge, inspiration, and technique you need to generate fresh, safe sequences that represent your voice and vision as a teacher.  

  • develop safe, effective sequencing that represents your voice and builds your student-base.
  • gain confidence creating mixed level yoga classes while meeting the needs of beginners and experienced students.
  • Receive the support, inspiration, and knowledge that will allow you to teach effective, authentic and purposeful yoga classes.

Release the Psoas Workshop

Want to learn more about the psoas?  A tight or weak psoas can make certain yoga postures challenging or uncomfortable and that tension can lead to day-to-day postural problems, or even dysfunctional breathing patterns. But how? And how can we find relief?   To help you create balance in the psoas and keep your low back healthy, it is important to first understand the anatomy see why the psoas is integral to asanas, and learn to engage and stretch this massive muscle for optimal benefit.   A tight psoas can cause serious postural problems, contribute to arthritis in the lumbar facet joints, but on the other hand, a weak and overstretched psoas can contribute to a common postural problem in which the pelvis is pushed forward of the chest and knees. 

Learn about this significant (and often misunderstood) hip flexor and get tips and practices to help you create balance in the psoas and discover a greater sense of freedom in both your yoga practice and your daily life!

In this workshop you will:

  • Get an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the psoas muscle.
  • Gain an understanding of the psoas from a yogic viewpoint.
  • Learn the signs of a weak, shortened, or tight psoas.
  • Get a short, focused practice tutorials to work with the psoas.
  • Get one full class that focuses on the psoas muscle.

Soothe the Sciatica with Yoga Workshop
Do you have sciatica (tenderness and pain anywhere along the sciatic nerve? This is a common problem, and it often has much to do with our postural habits.  This workshop will help you understand where your sciatica could be coming from (i.e., what daily habits can lead to or aggravate sciatica as well as where it originates in the body).  You will also be lead through two practices you can do regularly: a short piriformis maintenance class (useful for busy days) and a longer, more comprehensive piriformis practice to stretch and strengthen that key muscle for sciatic pain relief: the piriformis.  Accelerate your healing today! 

Trikonasa (Triangle) Pose Workshop
Trikonasana, like so many yoga poses, combines many elements in one posture. It builds strength and steadiness in the legs and feet, creates magnificent expansion and space in the torso as the arms and legs reach outward, and cultivates sama (evenness) in the body. And as you balance the effort between your arms, legs, and torso, your state of mind becomes steady and even as well.  

In this workshop you will learn:
  •  how to refine triangle pose to create more eveness
  • learn ideal placement for the pelvis
  • Anatomy and physiology of the pose

Twists Workshop
We twist while sitting, standing, and standing on our heads. Because there is such an intriguing variety of twists, you might guess that twists provide an abundance of benefits. And they do.  Twists are good for detoxing, because they squeeze the internal organs in the abdomen.  They also stretch the muscles between the ribs (the intercostals), which makes them excellent to do when you’re feeling constricted or constrained.  Putting those two things together makes them excellent to do when you’re feeling a bit down, or gluggy, or bloated. Along with the  physiological benefits they also give benefits to your consciousness.  In fact many people’s limitations in twists have at least as much to do with the mind as the body and its history of trauma.  Learn to bring balance to the mind and body in this twist workshop!

  • Learn setup, key actions, & modifications for twist yoga poses
  • Mental and emotional aspects of twist poses
  • a full twist yoga practice

Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin Yoga is a unique way to deepen your yoga practice and touch tissues rarely worked in a more active yang style of yoga. It is a practice of long-held, deeply relaxing “stretching” poses that open and energize the “meridians,” or energy pathways of the body, restoring youthful joint mobility as you quietly activate and gather your chi, your prana—your life force. Whereas the yoga most people are familiar with appropriates the muscles or yang tissues of the body, yin yoga targets the more interior, supportive structures-the “fasciae,” literally down to the bone marrow. Yin is every bit as vital as a heating or “yang vinyasa” yoga practice, where one flows from pose to pose, energetically pushing the envelope, concentrating on building muscular strength and stamina. In today’s world, Yin Yoga is the soothing balm, the elixir that is so badly needed to help us find balance in our stress-filled, over-scheduled lives. Poses are held between 3-10 minutes, to liberate the body’s chronic holding patterns and relieve pain, helping you to recapture some of the ease and freedom of movement you used to have as a child.

In this Yin Yoga workshops you will: 

  • Learn poses like the dragonfly, seal and pigeon, all of which are designed to stretch and revitalize the deeper connective tissue in every part of the body
  • Learn what fasciae is and how what it's purpose is in the body
  • Stimulate your meridians which connect to your vital organs and help to restore balance and harmony in your body and mind. 
  • Help you to focus your breathing 

  • Will encourage you to tune in and listen to your body and surrender to your feelings rather than trying to push them down or control them. 
  • Cultivate the body’s subtle energy
  • Enables you to heal yourself. 
  • Move negative emotions out
  • Help prevent injury 
  • Find a deep sense of peace in your body, mind and spirit. 
  • and includes one full practice
  • Will teach you a new way of being that will help you to access our body’s natural healing capabilities and power in order to deal with the challenges that face us with greater equanimity.
  • Replenish, revive, balance and recharge. 

Yoga for Depression Workshop
In this course, you will be introduced to the multidimensional nature of depression (how it affects both the inner and outer dimensions of life), as well as to empowering yoga techniques for working with depression.   You will get two practices: one addresses the anatomical and physiological symptoms of depression, and the other is designed to work with symptoms of depression at the level of thought cognition, mood, feeling, behavior, and action. 

Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop

Yoga for Scoliosis workshop provides anyone with a major scoliosis to minor imbalances throughout the body and yoga teachers understand how to work with an student that has scoliosis.  It will help to empower you to take charge of your own back to improve posture and reduce pain and discomfort.  

Your will learn:

  • the different kinds of curvatures
  • Mental and emotional aspects of scoliosis
  • Basic poses to lengthen the spine
  • Relaxing poses to de-rotate the spine and align the hips
  • Standing poses/back strengthening poses/twists

Wrist Pain Preventing & Healing Workshop

Almost every yoga class includes one or two people who complain of wrist problems. Perhaps their difficulties began with long hours at a computer keyboard, or with a hard fall on an outstretched hand, or even with doing asanas. Whatever the cause, the problem may be exacerbated by bearing weight on the hands in yoga.

Yet such weight bearing is a very important part of asana practice. If you’ve ever had a wrist problem, you know how much it can interfere with your yoga.  If your wrists are strained, many asanas can cause you pain and further injury. Fortunately, a careful and gradual approach to increasing wrist flexibility and strength can help most students avoid problems—or rehabilitate the wrist if necessary.


  • an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the wrist and lower arm
  • Simple wrist stretching and strengthening exercises
  • a short, focused practice tutorials to work with the wrists
  • one full class that focuses on the wrist, hand, and arm placement