"There's an instructor in all of us" 

Host a Training

Receive one free complimentary spot for a fitness staff of your choice when you offer a FreeStyle workshop or Certification at your club or organization.   FreeStyle Fitness Academy pays all travel and business expenses for the trainer, but host site may be asked to assist the trainer in transportation to and from hotel and airport if needed.

Our Training's are held on weekends and must be in a fitness-related facility.

Host site provides:

  • Access to a fitness facility
  • Activity and lecture space, tables and chairs, and equipment for 10 to 30 people
  • Assistance in coordinating and promoting the workshop

Want more information please fill out the form on the contact page, send an email to Karla Hensrud-Wagner - [email protected] or call 701-446-7018.

New Opportunity for FreeStyle Certified Instructors

A new opportunity has been added for Instructors who currently hold FreeStyle Barre, Kickboxing, and Core Certifications.  Since the smaller Workshops and Certification programs at FreeStyle Fitness Academy are always growing and changing we decided to add this nice perk for those who have already become certified.  In order to help them expand their classes,  instructors will be given an opportunity to go through the workshop or certification again and they would only have to pay under half the price of what the early bird price of the Certification or Workshop is.  Certified Instructors would not be required to repeat the practical and written tests since they have already done them, but they would be exposed to more ideas to help bring new exercises to their classes.  They would receive the CEC's that come with the training.   

Discounted Certified instructors do not count as part of the initial required number of participants needed to fill a training.  The required number of participants in a training would need to be at the full price.  If the training does not fill to the maximum that the facility can hold, only then will the discounted Certified instructors be allowed to register.

Note:  This new addition does not apply to the larger FreeStyle Group Fitness Instructor Certification Program.