"There's an instructor in all of us" 

FreeStyle Kickboxing Program Workshop

In The FreeStyle Kickboxing Program (FKP) the instructor will receive fun kickboxing choreography, cueing skills, the ability to decipher between safe and unsafe boxing and martial arts movements and the biomechanics of these techniques.  The FKP safely combines martial arts and boxing techniques with group exercise principles and biomechanical/anatomical knowledge. We designed the program to fit a facility’s equipment and type of format your facility chooses. Here the student learns different kicking and punching techniques with emphasis on proper execution of each exercise and how to format the class in order to be able to deliver a safe and effective class. 

Schedule:  8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Fees:   $89.00

Manual included in the cost of the program. 

Re-certification not required:  Once an instructor is certified they stay certified.

A 3.5% Credit Card fee will be added to all Paypal and Credit Card Transactions. 

To pay by check mail to:  FreeStyle Fitness Academy

                                  2208 11th St S
                                  Moorhead, MN 56560

New Opportunity for FreeStyle Kickboxing Program Instructors

A new opportunity has been added for Instructors who currently have gone through the FreeStyle Kickboxing Program Workshop.  Since this program at FreeStyle Fitness Academy is always growing and changing, we decided to add this nice perk for those who have already completed it.  In order to help them expand their classes,  instructors will be given an opportunity to go through the workshop again and they would only have to pay $40 to register.  Certified Instructors would not be required to repeat the practical and written tests since they have already done them, but they would be exposed to more ideas to help bring new exercises to their classes along with form evaluation, and sharpening of teaching and cuing skills.    

Discounted Certified instructors do not count as part of the initial required number of participants needed to fill a training.  The required number of participants in a training would need to be at the full price.  If the training does not fill to the maximum that the facility can hold, only then will the discounted Certified instructors be allowed to register.  Once that happens then we will send out notifications to all our FreeStyle Kickboxing Program instructors offering them an opportunity to register for the discounted price.