"There's an instructor in all of us" 

FreeStyle Aqua Stability Training (FAST)

Combine your love of the water and passion for fitness with our FreeStyle Aqua Stability Pool Training teacher certification!  This training will cover the necessary skills for teaching pool HIIT or Yoga on paddleboards, or pool HIIT or Yoga with inflatable fitness mat style boards.

This program is designed to prepare instructors to become familiar and comfortable with teaching and cueing on an unstable surface. The curriculum introduces a variety of exercises at different levels beginning at the most basic working up to more difficult/complex movements. By the end of the training, instructors will acquire the knowledge and skills specific to this teaching environment and learn how to progressively build confidence in your students using this unstable platform. Learn why this is such a powerful form of exercise and how it empowers the mind as well as the body.

Full 8hr. day workshop will include:

  • Equipment Overview (usage, storage, rigging in a variety of pool setups, etc.).
  • Proper Sequencing and how to build a challenging and enjoyable class.
  • Specialization in a low to high impact exercise for all ages on an unstable surface.
  • Enhanced understanding of considerations specific to Aqua Stability Training (AST).
  • Confidence in creating and facilitating group workout sessions.
  • Anatomy/Alignment.
  • Proper Stance on the float for balance success.
  • Safety and Risk Assessment to reduce liability concerns.
  • Learn how to confidently teach a safe Aqua Stability class.
  • Develop comprehensive understanding of all equipment required to teach – boards, paddles, anchors, accessories, and FITmats.
  • Tips for dealing with an all level class in the pool.   How to encourage beginners to come back as well as keeping regular students challenged.
  • FreeStyle Aqua Stability Training Pool Fitness Certification

Our trainers are backed by years of fitness training & coaching. Instructors will be given the keys to create a full body workout in a safe, fun, and inviting atmosphere.

COST: $209

Host Site Staff COST: $179

Aqua Stability YOGA


2 years of Yoga instruction, a 200 hr RYT or comparable and 2 years of yoga personal practice.

* You may still apply if you are currently in process of obtaining your 200 hr RYT  or have plans in the next 12 months of earning a reputable credential.  It is strongly advised to only instruct Aqua Stability Yoga when you have gained experience teaching Yoga on land and have fully completed the accredited credential.

Aqua Stability HIIT


1 year of fitness instruction or personal training experience (e.g. group fitness instruction, one on one or small group training, etc.).  A nationally recognized NCCA-accredited fitness certification (such as ACE, ACSM, NSCA or NASM).

* It is strongly advised to only instruct Aqua Stability training when you have gained quality experience teaching on land and have fully completed the accredited credential.

Register for both HIIT & Yoga Aqua Stability Trainings
Receive $50 off by signing up for both the HIIT & Yoga Aqua Stability Trainings together.  
COST:  $418  $368 
Host a training and the your staff will receive a discount when they sign up for both HIIT & Aqua Stability Trainings together.
Staff Host site COST: $368  $318  

A NEW Opportunity for currently certified FAST Yoga/HIIT Instructors!

A new opportunity has been added for Instructors who currently hold a FAST Yoga/HIIT Certifications.  Since the FAST program at FreeStyle Fitness Academy is always growing and changing, we decided to add this nice perk for those who have already become certified.  In order to help them expand their classes,  instructors will be given an opportunity to go through the workshop or certification again and they would only have to pay $85 to register.  Certified Instructors would not be required to repeat the practical and written tests since they have already done them, but they would be exposed to more ideas to help bring new exercises to their classes along with form evaluation, and sharpening of teaching and cuing skills.  

Discounted Certified instructors do not count as part of the initial required number of participants needed to fill a training.  The required number of participants in a training would need to be at the full price.  If the training does not fill to the maximum that the facility can hold, only then will the discounted Certified instructors be allowed to register.  Once that happens then we will send out notifications to all our certified FAST  instructors offering them an opportunity to register for the discounted price.