"There's an instructor in all of us" 

FreeStyle Fitness Academy was founded in 2013 and Trademarked in 2015.  Created by Karla Hensrud-Wagner it was founded on the belief of helping instructors to afford and receive not only the book knowledge, but the practical knowledge needed to become a great freestyle instructor.

Even though FreeStyle Fitness Academy is a young fitness company we believe an instructor should not have to continuously spend money to maintain every workshop and certification current.  That is why we do not require Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for any of our workshops and smaller Certifications.  

We do believe that an instructor needs to stay current with the fitness industry though and so we do require CEC's for the larger Group Fitness Certifications.  With that though we accept CEC's from all Fitness Companies to fulfill there CEC requirements.  

The FreeStyle Fitness Academy offers programs to train individuals who wish to design, format, and teach freestyle group fitness classes.  

In the primary Freestyle program you learn to be a group fitness instructor from the ground up.  This is mainly a practical program where the instructor learns how to teach Step & Hi/Lo formats along with Core exercises.   The skills learned in this program are the fundamental building blocks that every instructor should master before teaching all other formats and even canned programs.  Our motto here is "if you can teach step you can teach anything."  

The FreeStyle Barre program is a fusion workout that uses classical ballet barre, pilates, and yoga exercises to strengthen and develop long lean muscles.  It is based on 5 different types of Barre formats that gives the instructor the freedom to put together a safe and fun class using their own creativity.

Creativity is considered an important aspect of the FreeStyle Fitness Academy. Instructors will be given the tools and body positions for each exercise to be able to offer a variety of ways to change the workout as well as challenge the participants. 

Embrace becoming a freestyle instructor now and learn the skills to be able to teach any format or class.   We understand that when you embark on the journey toward the best Group Exercise Certification, you aren't simply seeking a career, but are looking forward to doing what you love and doing it well. We're looking forward to helping make that dream a reality!