"There's an instructor in all of us" 

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Group Fitness Classes
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FreeStyle Fitness Academy ┬«  (FSFA) strives to equip those who wish to become compassionate instructors with the skills and tools that are needed to empower participants to attain their best possible   fitness level. FSFA offers programs to train freestyle instructors who wish to design, format, and teach freestyle group fitness classes.  

Creativity is considered an important aspect of the FreeStyle Fitness Academy. Instructors will be given the tools and knowledge for each exercise to be able to offer a variety of ways to change the workout as well as challenge the participants. 

Embrace becoming a freestyle instructor now and learn the skills to be able to teach any freestyle format or class.   

Each trainee will learn the philosophy, exercise, and progression of the different formats offered at the FreeStyle Fitness Academy that will prepare them to format and teach their own FreeStyle classes with confidence and creativity.

FreeStyle Fitness Academy offers:

Group Fitness Instructor, Barre, & Kickboxing Certifications, along with several Yoga workshops. 

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